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Audiobook Roundup

Vacation means lots of time to read, and lots of hours for audiobooks in the car.

Sabriel by Garth Nix – At first impression, it’s odd to hear a male narrator, but before very long I was sold. Tim Curry has a range of voices for Abhorsen, Kerrigor, and especially Mogget. And unlike some male narrators, he doesn’t get whiny when reading female dialog. He’s got great expression. All in all, a great narrator paired with a great book. Highly Recommended.

I also made it through Lirael, which is the sequel, and the same comments apply.

Riders by Veronica Rossi – Another great book with a good narrator. I was particularly fond of the various voices used for Bastian, Marcus, and Jode, so that you could tell who was talking before even hitting the dialog tag (if any existed). Bastian in particular was perfect—eager, a bit goofy, easygoing. Also Highly Recommended.

The Books of Umber (Audiobooks)

Vacation is usually when I listen to audiobooks, and this time around I had the pleasure of hearing Happenstance Found and its sequel Dragon Games as audiobooks. My thoughts on the story haven’t changed a bit. You can see my reviews for Happenstance Found and Dragon Games for more details there.

I do want to mention that Richard Poe does an amazing job as a narrator. His reading style, pacing, and tone bring the story to life. In the biography it says he’s a professional actor, and it shows. Often I could tell which character was speaking based on the way the words were read—Happenstance’s hesitancy, Umber’s exuberance, Oates’s deep-voiced gruffness. I would highly recommend these audiobooks.

Now if only my library had the third . . . I’ll just have to read my copy in paper since the second book is a rather bad place to stop.