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Record of Wortenia War #3 (Light Novel)

Title: Record of Wortenia War #3

Author: Ryota Hori

Format: Light Novel

War is a chancy game. And Ryoma is learning this firsthand as a series of incidents and a single battle swing Princess Lupis from being the least influential faction to the one most likely to win. There’s far more involved in a war than who can triumph on the battlefield, but Ryoma is prepared to bring all his cleverness as well as his strength to win.

I was disappointed this volume doesn’t go through the end of the civil war arc. Because of that, it feels shorter even though I don’t think the page count is significantly less. But even though it’s a middle volume, there’s plenty of upsets in the war already. Ryoma has come out swinging, and he’s been effective enough to completely change the game for the major players. But not even he’s immune to unintended consequences, and he’s still forced to make plans based on incomplete information, so there’s never a sense this is going to be easy.

Besides, in the end he’s going up against an army, so making allies who can stand with him on the field is critical.

The assassins bit was mostly funny. Ryoma latches onto the familiar aspects to the assassin clan and completely ignores the usual questions in favor of trying to figure out if they’re summoned like he was. And he’s so happy with his new toys that it will be a blast when he finally gets to show off using them.

The fanservice elements are downplayed compared to a typical light novel but for me it still drags the story down. There’s no reason to strip a girl in front of a crowd when half of the things being checked could have just been done by rolling up a sleeve or similar. I’m also really not fond of the art style for the insert pictures, which has a heavy focus on smudged greyscale. I would prefer cleaner lines and more manga-styled shading. It’s a stupid nitpick but it would help show off the character designs better.

Overall this is a solid middle book for the arc. The next book should finish out the civil war since this one did not, but since this one didn’t leave off on quite as much of a cliffhanger, the wait will be more bearable. I rate this book Recommended.