Hollow Season (Of Cats and Dragons #4)

Title: Hollow Season: The Quest for the Autumn King #2

Authors: Carol E. Leever and Camilla Ochlan

Series: Of Cats and Dragons #4

Omen is glad to be on land again, but their quest for the Autumn Lands continues to surprise him. Autumn’s influence is spreading. Kyr’s hex is growing worse. They have no time to waste, but the path to the Mountain of Shadow is growing ever more dangerous . . .

I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I buy these books anyway because I love them.

This is the next leg of the journey to recover a kidnapped king, so if you haven’t read the earlier books, go read those first. I love the dynamics between the various characters on this journey. Whether it’s Templar baiting Omen, Tormy innocently terrorizing the locals, or Devastation’s trolling, they’re such a fun group to adventure with. And I love the addition of Nikki, who is somewhat shy and sweet and despite a hard past doesn’t seem unduly burdened by it, and is yet another of Omen’s improbable relatives (the way Omen keeps stumbling across people related to one of his five bloodlines kills me).

I also really like the way the world keeps expanding. It’s getting bigger in obvious ways, because they’re visiting another country, but we’re also getting more backstory on some familiar names (and the way Devastation reacts to certain things certainly feels very telling, too, especially given what they discover in the palace).

The story remains hilarious. Omen’s improv song (lyrics courtesy of Tormy and Templar) was my favorite part, although Omen’s ongoing grudge against Templar for inciting Tormy to eat his previous instrument is a close second.

Overall, this is an easy one to recommend. There’s so much packed into these books, and they always feel like they’re over too soon. Can’t wait for the next one! Highly Recommended.


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