Strangers in Atlantis (Seaborne #2)

Title: Strangers in Atlantis

Author: Matt Myklush

Series: Seaborne #2

Dean Seaborne had hoped to leave the life of a pirate behind. Then he got arrested, and he’s left with the choice to hang or participate in another dirty scheme. This time, he’s tasked with robbing a castle island for nobility. But the island hides the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, a kingdom of legend . . . and secrets.

It’s pretty funny to watch other people call Dean out on his bluffs. In this case, it leads to him, Waverly, and Ronan being mislabeled “entertainers,” and therefore required to show off the skills that supposedly got them hired. So Dean told just enough of the truth that this means they’re all considered professional daredevils.

Which means Dean just volunteered himself to go swimming with sea serpents. Again.

I liked the growing tension between Dean and Waverly. They just aren’t connecting with each other anymore, and she’s pushing him away with her assumptions. I do wish Ronan had more of a role, as his best moment happens offscreen.

It’s also fun to see the depths of the mess Dean’s embroiled himself in this time. He’s got so many villains surrounding him he’s spoiled for choice, but the right answer isn’t obvious.

Overall this is a good continuation of the first book. This story would also be decent by itself, if you never got around to reading the first one. I rate this book Recommended.


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