Rebel Genius (Geniuses #1)

Title: Rebel Genius

Author: Michael Dante DiMartino

Series: Geniuses #1

Giacomo has been living in the sewers ever since he lost his parents. It’s safer than the alternatives. But once he gets a Genius, nowhere is safe. Nerezza, the ruler of Zizzolan, has styled herself the Supreme Creator and outlawed any Genius but her own. Unwillingly joining a band of rebels, Giacomo soon finds himself on a hunt for the three tools that could change the fate of his world . . .

This is a book about art, and artists, and rather appropriately has little illustrations scattered throughout, which I found a nice touch.

It’s also about a pretty oppressive society, which is totally not my thing. Giacomo’s parents were artists who ran afoul of Nerezza’s insanity. Thankfully Giacomo himself is a pretty positive kid, especially after the impossible happens and a Genius comes for him. Since Geniuses typically show up when the child is very young, he’d given up hope of getting his own.

I liked Zanobius better than any of the kids Giacomo meets, though. He’s an artificially-created being, with interesting anatomy and a patchwork memory. It’s fun watching him observe humans, and the various conclusions he draws. He’s not exactly Giacomo’s friend, but he’s definitely Nerezza’s enemy.

Overall this was a decent book. I’ll probably read the next book as soon as I can pick it up from the library. I rate the book Recommended.


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