A Perjury of Owls (Fantasy & Forensics #4)

Title: A Perjury of Owls

Author: Michael Angel

Series: Fantasy & Forensics #4

Dayna has two lives that have both become full-time jobs. Back in LA, she’s worried about her friend Shelly, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. And that one might be Dayna’s fault, because Shelly had gotten caught up in Dayna’s last adventure. On the Andeluvian side, she’s about to be made a Dame—landed nobility. Except the owls are still protesting anything involving her and refusing to release the finances, the nobles bicker like spoiled children, and the king always has one more job to set in front of her . . .

This is another strong story. It’s interesting to see a lot of the fallout that’s been building up for several books now, both good and bad. Dayna’s certainly impressed the king, but he’s not above using her in his various political machinations.

I also liked having a more “normal” case at the beginning. We finally get to see Dayna in more of her usual job, her usual setting, where magic and interesting creatures aren’t complicating things. And, of course, this comes with more usual complications, like jealousy at her boyfriend’s new work partner.

On the Andeluvian side, some of the hints from previous books soon turn into the main case—what exactly happened with the Albess, and why can’t anyone get a straight answer out of the owls?

I liked the resolution with Shelly, too. That scene in Dayna’s apartment was too funny, and it shows Dayna has important allies on both worlds.

Overall if you’ve enjoyed the series thus far, this is yet another good read. I rate this book Highly Recommended.

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