The Deer Prince’s Murder (Fantasy & Forensics #2)

Title: The Deer Prince’s Murder

Author: Michael Angel

Series: Fantasy & Forensics #2

Liam has been summoned home. The Protector of the Forest has died, and the fayleene are gathering to recognize a new leader. But Liam is quickly drawn into a much bigger issue. A dragon is encroaching on the fayleene lands, and Liam is tasked with ending the threat by any means possible . . .

As expected from the title, this book focuses on Liam. We got the gist of his unfortunate relationship with his people in Centaur of the Crime, but this is the first time we get to look more in-depth at the fayleene.

I liked the irony of the fayleene being much more vicious and petty than their “magical deer” species would suggest. But only one particular fayleene really has it out for Liam specifically. The rest of them are happy to use him if it means saving themselves.

And along those lines, although there is certainly a mystery, much of the plot plays out more like a fantasy adventure. A very dangerous dragon has it out for the fayleene, and Liam is tasked with stopping it. But an invincible dragon is a mystery in and of itself—what weakness can they use to confront it?

Although my favorite part is probably the pooka playing the Illuminati for Bob McClatchy. (This will not end well, for sure. But it was really funny all the same.)

Overall this was a lot of fun. I liked the more we got to see of Liam, and how some of his confidence issues resolved. There’s also plenty of hints that this is only part of a much larger scheme and we’re probably building up to a massive conflict in the moderately-far future. I rate this book Highly Recommended.


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