Shatterglass (The Circle Opens #4)

Title: Shatterglass

Author: Tamora Pierce

Series: The Circle Opens #4

Tris simply wanted to get some shopping done when she spotted a man trying to blow glass and summoning lightning into it. But the man is an unrecognized and untrained mage—which means Tris now has to teach someone much older than herself. Someone who’s afraid of lightning. And if that weren’t bad enough, someone is killing female entertainers and leaving their bodies in public places . . .

This is my favorite of the four. Tris is grumpy, sharp, and fusty, so she gets a student who’s not only older than she is, but equally bullheaded. I love how Tris has braided her stored powers into her hair, and how she’s managed a form of air-conditioning by taming winds to always blow around her. The little glass dragon is the best pet, too.

It’s interesting, too, how Tris, despite being the most powerful, is also having the hardest time actually finding employment. Her powers to disrupt and channel weather would be excellent in a war but are rather harder to use in day-to-day life, as she’s not eager to throw nature out of balance.

I liked Keth. He’s got his own history with both glassblowing and lightning, and he’s not at all impressed by Tris. He just wants to get on with his life as a glass crafter, but magic got in the way. And he’s got personal reasons to want the murderer caught, so he drives himself past his limits again and again in pursuit of answers.

Overall this is a good read, and while it doesn’t exactly close doors for the future of these four unique mages, it’s been a fun journey to see how life is going to look as they become adults. I rate this book Recommended.

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