Cold Fire (The Circle Opens #3)

Title: Cold Fire

Author: Tamora Pierce

Series: The Circle Opens #3

Daja and Frostpine are in the snowy north. Daja’s just hoping to learn more smithcraft and work on her own projects, but soon she’s in over her head. A firebug has been setting fires—and Daja wants to use her living brass to make a fireproof suit to help combat them. And the two girls she discovers with magic need to be taught, which means Daja is responsible for finding them teachers and helping them get grounded in the basics. At least she’s found a kindred soul in Ben, the man with a passion for fighting fires.

I’m not exactly sure why this is my least favorite of this quartet. Maybe it’s all the snow and cold, or the fact that the firebug is revealed relatively early and the rest of the book is just waiting on Daja to pick up on the clues. Or the really annoying old lady. I appreciate that the story tried to show she had more to her than just her cruelty, but that still doesn’t make me sorry for her getting what she so richly deserved.

Despite that, though, it’s still a solid book. Daja has always been one of the more mature, and her challenges here stretch her in a different way. It’s a little about dreams and what happens when they break, whether that’s simply the expectation that someone is a good person, or the dream of a normal life that suddenly went up in smoke.

I rate this book Recommended.

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