The Torch Port Ensemble (The Faraway Paladin #4)

Title: The Torch Port Ensemble

Author: Kanata Yanagino

Series: The Faraway Paladin #4

Just because he’s defeated a dragon doesn’t mean it’s time to relax. Will still has a territory to manage, and various issues that crop up around everyday life. Whether it’s romantic entanglements, a side trip with Bee, or trying to find a resolution to a giant that’s blocking access to a road, Will forges on.

This book is almost more of a collection of short stories, covering various little adventures in the lives of the characters. They each have a different focus, and a framing scene ties them together.

I liked the unexpected directions these go. Reystov has always been a fun character, someone who lives for those fights with tough enemies where he can put his incredible sword skills to use. But after helping to slay the dragon, he’s found something more difficult. The various hijinks that ensue are both funny and sweet.

It did technically count as unlawful trespassing and abduction, but I was sure my god would forgive me for it. After all, it was her revelation that had told me about all the good entry points.

Similarly, I was amused when Will realizes he’s fallen in love, and with whom. He’s not going to get any help from Menel on this one (though given how crass Menel can be, that’s probably a good thing). That’s something that will be interesting to see play out over future books.

It was also really neat to see a fight that DOESN’T work out for Will. And why. It’s the same concept as when he fought the dragon—it doesn’t matter how good you are, sometimes things just don’t go your way. It’s not even that Will did anything wrong. Murphy had it out for him that day.

I’m hopeful that future books will push the story to new lands, but after the intensity that was the fight with the dragon it’s nice to have this bit of a breather before whatever adventures come next. I rate this book Recommended.


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