The Rising of the Shield Hero #8 (Light Novel)

Title: The Rising of the Shield Hero #8

Author: Aneko Yusagi

Format: Light Novel

Kyo has escaped to another world with the Spirit Tortoise’s power. Naofumi is determined to get it back. That power was meant to stall the waves, but more than that, Kyo’s attitude towards the Spirit Tortoise has deeply offended Naofumi. Ost was a strange sort of friend, but she was one of the few he’d had. So Naofumi is once again heading for another world. There he finds another set of Holy Heroes, with another set of Legendary Weapons . . . and another Hero much like himself.

It’s interesting to see Naofumi get a bit of a do-over in this book. He’s got a new world to learn about, new powers to unlock, and even his levels have been reset back down to 1. As frustrated as he is about all that, at least now he’s got the practical experience to make the most out of gaining EXP to level his way back up. The book doesn’t focus too much on this, other than to set the stage and show how things here are a bit sideways to how he was used to seeing them.

Hearing myself say it all felt strange… I was the Shield Hero from another world who came from another world… How many worlds were there now? Whatever—it was the truth.

Kizuna is a fascinating character. She’s got a lot in common with Naofumi, in that both of them face a hard restriction from their Legendary Weapons. She’s faced some of the same types of doubters, but she never closed off as much as he did. She was never betrayed as badly. And she isn’t doing it deliberately, but because she expects more out of him in terms of trusting her, he’s able to feel more comfortable with her as an ally in a short period of time.

It’s hysterical how Kizuna is impressed about all of Naofumi’s non-combat skills, like cooking and crafting, and completely misses any combat abilities he does possess (because shields, and therefore defensive only).

I also really liked the shikigami Naofumi ends up with. It has an evil laugh! I can’t wait to see what other useful skills and abilities Raph-chan ends up having. Naofumi kind of needs a pet—he didn’t have much luck raising Filo that way, but Raph-chan can both amuse him and calm him down.

It’s also interesting to see how old enemies are now pretty firm allies. Nobody wants Kyo to succeed, so Glass, L’Arc, and Theresa are contributing just as much as Naofumi and his companions. I like how the camaraderie is building between them. Naofumi got stuck with such sucky Heroes in his own world that it’s a refreshing change to have such competent friends.

Overall this is the start of another fascinating arc. My biggest complaint is that the book feels like it ends too fast. I rate this book Recommended.


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