The Hidden Fire (Knights of the Flaming Blade #2)

Title: The Hidden Fire
Author: James R. Sanford
Series: Knights of the Flaming Blade #2

Kyric is discouraged from his failure to reach the castle, to start down the path to becoming a true Knight of the Flaming Blades. But Aiyan reappears in his life, and offers a chance at a new adventure: finding the Spice Islands that were marked on the map Aiyan stole previously. And, possibly along the way, Kyric might learn a little more and get one step closer to his dream of Knighthood . . .

This was kind of odd, because I liked the dream portions much better than the waking portions. The whole book, Kyric is following a series of dreams that are part adventure, part danger—and enough of it follows him to the real world to be concerning. He isn’t sure what they’re about, or where they’re leading him, but there’s something about them that captures his attention.

The waking adventure isn’t bad, just not as bizarre as the dreams. I don’t like how the introduction of the book is Kyric falling into a slump and deciding to lose his virginity with a random girl. He seemed to have more sense than that in the previous book. Similarly, his attempts at relationship later feel like they move really fast.

Action-wise, both segments have some good moments. Aiyan starts to show more humanity in the way he deals with some old comrades. The journey may be long, but most of the story doesn’t take place on the ship.

Overall this was a decent followup to the first book, although I wasn’t quite as fond of it due to Kyric messing around. I rate this book Recommended.


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