Windsworn (Gryphon Riders #1)

Title: Windsworn

Author: Derek Alan Siddoway

Series: Gryphon Riders #1

Eva is the foster child of a blacksmith, but when a young boy delivers a gryphon egg to her, insisting that it’s for her, she ends up in the ranks of the Windsworn. Gryphon-riders, peacekeepers, practically legendary—and her gryphon is a rare red one, special even among the gryphons. Not many Windsworn are happy at Eva’s inclusion. She’s too old, untrained, and worst of all afraid of heights. Can she make a place for herself when she never wanted to be here at all?

More gryphons, please. I get why the story mostly focused on the more human elements, and it’s not like the gryphons have no role, but it feels like after Eva hatches the egg there’s only limited involvement with the gryphons, even though the red chick is basically living in her room. But I like the bits I do see. The gryphons are not just animals, although her chick being so young does mean he’s mostly acting like one for now. Despite the “destiny” that brought them together, Eva has a terrible relationship with her chick. She never wanted a gryphon, and hers is a lot of trouble. It isn’t until much later that she can approach this as more of a partnership, and one that requires both of them to contribute.

On the human side, it’s a bit hard to see Eva getting yelled at all the time. I’m curious that she doesn’t seem to have any actual friends from town, only her foster father and his golem, but those relationships are well-drawn. Wynn helps lighten up some of the darker spots in her new life, and I do appreciate that just because Eva had training as a blacksmith it doesn’t automatically make her great at swordsmanship.

I liked Ivan, too. The boy has a power no one understands, and although Eva thinks he’s more or less innocent, he’s certainly mixed up in enough strangeness that no one else trusts him. Hopefully future books highlight him even more.

All in all this was decent read. It’s hard to find books featuring gryphons, so this was something I jumped on when I saw it. I rate this book Recommended.


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