Legacy of the Devil Queen (Eve of Redemption #4)

Title: Legacy of the Devil Queen

Author: Joe Jackson

Series: Eve of Redemption #4

Kari has a million things to do, but she’s going to have to learn to delegate. Pregnancy keeps her bound to a more local, administrative job for now, which is irritating because something is razing small villages and leaving no survivors. So the Silver Blades must go to figure out what kind of creature is responsible, while Kari handles trying to root out whoever is leaking the Order’s plans and secrets to outsiders. Because if she can’t find the traitor, the demon kings have an even greater advantage. . .

This is mostly split between two storylines, and both are strong. The Silver Blades have what seems to be a straightforward mission, except the demon—is it a demon?–they’re hunting is like nothing they’ve ever seen before. And it’s capable of killing highly trained warriors before they can even strike a blow in return, which presents some complications to the usual strategies.

In addition, Erik’s father is finally back in the picture. No one’s ever said before why his parents split apart, but now we have some of the reason, and the fumbling attempts at reconciliation.

I also loved the followup on various things from previous books, whether it was the situation with the brys or how Ty can find new purpose after his devastating injuries. Kari’s actions resonate in ways no one could have expected.

And I’m thrilled that werewolves play into the ongoing plot. They’re an intriguing addition and I hope to see a lot more of them as this tentative alliance deepens.

The humor is also on point. Some favorite bits:

“Should be just like old times,” Aeligos said. “Hi, you two! We’re headed into a possible war; would you like to join us? It’ll build character!”

Or watching Erik’s reaction to a certain mayor was also comedy gold (and Kari’s letter about it is just as funny).

Or the werewolves:
“Thank God for that,” Gil said. “I’m terrible with keeping track of titles, proper forms of address, and all that. Out in the wilds, we have three titles: friend, foe, and prey. And the last is only for food animals.”

Overall this is another strong installment in an excellent series. I rate this book Highly Recommended.


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