Weavespinner (Firestaff #5)

Title: Weavespinner

Author: James Galloway

Series: Firestaff #5

The Firestaff’s final defense did the unthinkable—Tarrin is once more completely human, and without any memories of the last two years, from the point when he was bitten onwards. And he now HAS the Firestaff, which puts everyone in a double dilemma. How can they protect the Firestaff appropriately without Tarrin’s previous abilities? And now that Tarrin has a choice about whether or not he’ll go back to being a Were-Cat, what will he choose?

This is an excellent cap to the series. Tarrin’s quest has drawn together a diverse group of people, but the problem is that HE’S the one that drew them together, and now that he’s basically a different person, no one knows what to do with him. His personality had been twisted by the Cat, by the abuse he suffered, and by the atrocities he inflicted, but now without any of those staining his soul he’s much more open and friendly. On the other hand, everyone he dearly loved except for his family and the two who came from his village is now just another set of strangers.

The group that stood up to every challenge so far is now disintegrating as their different opinions about what Tarrin needs to do start tearing them apart.

I don’t like Auli. Tarrin’s consistent in his weakness towards beautiful women showing an interest in him, but it is annoying to see how weak his convictions are when a woman comes after him. And she causes a heap of trouble for Tarrin without ever really getting appropriately punished.

After the whole mess with Tarrin’s choice plays out, though, there’s still the issue of the Firestaff. Tarrin knows now when it’s due to activate, and he has a plan . . . but Val’s forces strike and that goes out the window. So Tarrin concocts a new plan to make Val pay. He shows he’s learned the various lessons of his journey very well, and the showdown is an amazing conflict.

Overall this is a great finish to the main arc (there’s a followup series, The Pyrosian Chronicles, which finishes out the story of the Firestaff). It’s shorter than most of the other books but it still has a ton of impact. I rate this book Recommended.

You can read the book for free here: http://www.weavespinner.net/worlds_of_fel.htm

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