The Shadow Realm (Firestaff #4)

Title: The Shadow Realm

Author: James Galloway

Series: Firestaff #4

Tarrin thought they would have a head start on the Firestaff, but after it revealed itself at the battle for Suld, their advantage has been whittled down considerably. With no time to waste, Tarrin and his friends head to Wikuna so they can use Kerri’s new steamship to find the place hinted in old poems. But no one is prepared for what awaits them . . .

This book starts well, but I hate the hedonistic society they encounter, so I mostly like this one for the beginning and the end and not so much what’s in the middle. It’s my least favorite book in the series, but it does provide some important pieces.

And the plot twists at the very end are a ton of fun. One in particular changes EVERYTHING for Tarrin.

I do like that every time Tarrin is confronted with a hard choice directly related to his mission, he won’t allow himself to be swayed. He might hate himself afterwards, but it doesn’t stop him from choosing the greater good.

Overall this is the weakest book in the series, as Tarrin’s challenges are mostly external and he’s rarely in a position where things can threaten him as badly as they did in previous books. Even so, since the plot as a whole depends heavily on what happens here, it’s not skippable if you want to see how everything ends. I rate this book Recommended.

You can read the book for free here:


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