Dragon Orb (Dragons of Daegonlot #1)

Title: Dragon Orb

Author: Shanlynn Walker

Series: Dragons of Daegonlot #1

Daxon longs to be chosen by a dragon, to be a dragon rider, as so many are in his home of Daegonlot. But at sixteen, he’s old enough that he’s starting to accept it won’t happen. Then a wild dragon appears, gives him her egg, and provides him with a unique opportunity. Although the hatchling refuses to bond with him, they can still be friends . . .

This is well written and interesting, weaving a few layers of mysteries into an otherwise straightforward story. The summary encompasses most of the story, actually, which is the main thing that bothers me. It’s so short! And the end doesn’t feel like any sort of conclusion, more like the break before a next chapter.

That said, I liked the world. The dragon riders have their own town in the mountains, but it’s on a floating island. However, since the story begins from the point of view of a very old wild dragon, she provides some history on the various races of elves, dwarves, and men. The wild dragons are a lot more interesting than the tame ones—deliberately so. And the story of the first dragon rider has some interesting twists.

I didn’t think the quotes heading up each chapter were particularly relevant (and the fact that most of them were from Earth people was a bit incongruous . . . I would have preferred some kind of dragon rider lore), but they didn’t really detract because they were so short.

I would like to continue the series, but I may wait until the third book drops, since the second one also looks to be relatively short, and I doubt Daxon will actually find answers to some of the biggest questions in so little time. I rate this book Recommended.


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