Rakefang (Galleries of Stone #3)

Title: Rakefang

Author: C. J. Milbrandt

Series: Galleries of Stone #3

Tupper has long known what he wants in a wife. And when a chance visit to town brings a new girl to his attention, he doesn’t need long to decide she’s the one. But courtship is a special kind of challenge for Tupper, who has never been especially outgoing or outstanding. And someone has dark designs on Morven . . .

This is almost two stories. The first half is primarily Tupper courting Chelle, and the second circles back around to a plot thread left hanging in the first book and finishes it out nicely.

Chelle is an interesting match for Tupper. True to form, he enjoys those things about her that make her different–and therefore outcast–and isn’t bothered at all by her deafness. But for her, Tupper’s surprises aren’t as big a problem as the fact that no one in his home village really knows him anymore, so she’s not sure what kind of person to expect. And she never expected anyone to be interested in marrying HER, so she’s also getting used to the idea of being in love.

I really don’t want to spoil the surprise of the second half, but I was very pleased that dangling plot thread not only got resolved, but was thoroughly dealt with.

If Freydolf is the head of Morven, Tupper is its heart. This is a new chapter in Morven’s recovery, with marriage and babies and people intending to make a village out of its formerly empty halls. Interestingly, although this could work perfectly well as a trilogy, it also leaves a good sense of things still being uncovered, and there’s plenty of room for more story in the future. I rate this book Highly Recommended.


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