The Hidden Deep (Threshold #2)

Title: The Hidden Deep

Author: Christa Kinde

Series: Threshold #2

Prissie Pomeroy is still getting used to the fact that she knows several angels. But her life has been changing in other, not-so-welcome ways. Her best friend has found a new best friend, and that person hates Prissie. Ransom, the boy she can’t stand, is also someone she increasingly can’t avoid. Ephron, the missing angel, still hasn’t been found. And the enemy is certainly up to SOMETHING . . .

Most of what I said about the first book is also true for this one. It’s more of a quiet story of everyday life with angels. This book continues to progress through the year: the start of school, the apple harvest, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and so on. It’s fun to see the Pomeroy traditions for each of those, and a few extra events like dinner with all her angelic friends. That’s not to say it’s entirely without action, but the battles clearly aren’t the heart of the story.

I like how the story also isn’t shy about presenting Prissie in all her flaws. Ransom continues to be the most compelling human, someone who would dearly like to know why Prissie is dead set against him, yet not all that interested in being either her friend or her enemy. He just wants to have at least a tolerable relationship so that his employment with her father won’t cause them to butt heads.

And I was very happy the guess I made about a certain character from the first book turned out to be right. Angels aren’t the only ones interacting with Prissie on more than one level . . .

All in all, if you liked the first book, this feels like the next couple of chapters for that story. I rate this book Recommended.


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