A Dark Inheritance (Unicorne Files #1)

Title: A Dark Inheritance

Author: Chris d’Lacey

Series: Unicorne Files #1

Michael Malone is just trying to get to school when he encounters a dog in distress. Little does he realize that meeting will change his life. In more ways than one. Michael possesses a power that can alter reality itself, a power that has come to the attention of secret groups like UNICORNE. He might delve deeper into the mystery of his father’s disappearance, but first, he has to figure out what’s up with that dog . . .

This was a lot of fun. Michael has one of my favorite types of powers: the ability to twist up the reality he’s in to reflect the things he’s thinking about. Only, as the plot shows again and again, he doesn’t have a lot of control over unintended consequences. Things that get jokingly mentioned suddenly become fact, the way things always have been. I loved the way this played out throughout the story. Michael’s clearly got power, but given the consequences, it’s always a gamble for him to try to use it.

The mystery was also well done, with the layers slowly revealed and a mostly satisfying resolution. The only thing that disappointed me was that it was hard to figure out just why this had the effect it did on Michael. Is he sensitive to ghosts as well as able to manipulate reality? And what, exactly, happened with that ending? I’m just hoping Michael was as clueless as I was and someone next book will explain it to him. The only thing I can figure is that something he was considering during that final confrontation ended up becoming an additional side effect.

I was also hoping to see more strangeness than just Michael, although I admit I don’t know how the plot would have worked it in without feeling like it was a tangent. We get a few hints at other things, but nothing more than a really vague idea. But that’s something that could easily be picked up in a future book, so I’ll just hope it follows through.

Overall, I would have liked this better if it had been clearer why the dog’s problem resonated with Michael the way that it did, and if the end had been a bit less vague. Still, I’m interested to see where this goes in future books. I rate this book Recommended.


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