The Thief’s Daughter (Kingfountain #2)

Title: The Thief’s Daughter

Author: Jeff Wheeler

Series: Kingfountain #2

Owen has grown into a strong and capable young man, one of the few King Severn trusts. But such trust comes with burdens. The king is a hard master, and he continually tests the loyalty of those who are close to him. Owen has served faithfully for years, but he’s not certain he can withstand this latest trial. When war threatens, Owen must choose between his childhood love and his king.

I liked how this unfolded. Owen has grown up a lot since the first book, leaving that shy boy behind for a much more confident young man. At least, confident until it comes to telling Elysabeth exactly what he feels for her. I was impressed at how seriously Owen takes virtue and honor. He has multiple opportunities to indulge his own desires, some with little risk, yet he puts the well being of others above his own comfort. That was a refreshing change.

Elysabeth has also grown up, although she hasn’t changed as dramatically. If anything, time has tempered some of her wild side. But she’s still a woman unafraid to act her own way, which makes a lot of her interactions as a diplomat funny. That is not how I expected her to handle negotiations, although in retrospect that’s probably exactly what I ought to have seen.

And I did like the way it ended, with loyalty and love shaking out in some interesting ways. In order to be true to one, Owen must neglect the other. But if he rejects even one, can he keep his own soul intact? The consequences don’t get a lot of time to play out here, but that’s what the sequel is for. . .

Overall this is a very good followup to The Queen’s Poisoner. It expands the world and the political situation, and better yet this time around Owen is strong enough to be a major player in the events around him. I rate this book Recommended.


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