Bounders (Bounders #1)

Title: Bounders

Author: Monica Tesler

Series: Bounders #1

Jasper has spent his whole life keeping the secret of his birth. He’s a Bounder, a specially-bred human crafted to make quantum leaps across galaxies. Even if most of the time he feels like a spaced-out klutz, he’s got that program to look forward to. A place where he’ll finally be with other kids like himself. But when he enters the program, he finds there’s more going on than just another type of school. And once he knows, he has to figure out what he’s going to do about it.

I liked this. It’s got a huge cast of characters for a rather short book, but everyone is distinct enough that telling them apart isn’t much of a problem. Jasper narrates, but the reader can easily pick up on a few things he’s too young (or too distracted) to see for himself, like the reason everyone in his pod gravitates towards him as a leader.

The technology is a lot of fun, too. The quantum ships, the tube transports, and the Civilization-type game that everyone finds so addicting are all nicely detailed. And I liked how the technology brought questions as well as answers, as in the case of genetic engineering. Humanity decided to excise “bad” genes, only to find some of those undesirable parts actually had benefits as well.

Overall this is a fast, fun read. The kids are a likeable bunch, and the plot never slows. I rate this book Recommended.


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