Jhegaala (Vlad Taltos #11)

Title: Jhegaala

Author: Steven Brust

Series: Vlad Taltos #11

Since being the Jhereg’s top Most Wanted hasn’t done much for his career prospects, Vlad Taltos has made a quick exit from Dragaera City. He figures he’ll try to hunt down his relatives back East, where Dragaerans stand out and hopefully Jhereg will too. Except that the little town of Burz and its paper mill are hiding secrets, and just his presence has started making some people very uncomfortable . . .

This is again more of a mystery, although a more frustrating one than Orca, because Vlad doesn’t even have Kiera to help him out. He’s stuck trying to break into a closed circuit of Easterners—and as he admits near the end, they can work against him a little too well. It’s also a little sad that he isn’t able to directly inflict much of the violence, as watching Vlad in action is one of the highlights of the books.

Still, watching him orchestrate the ending even given his position is rather fun.

Overall this wasn’t exactly what I had expected when Vlad went back East, but it’s still a good continuation of his story. I rate this book Recommended.


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