Dzur (Vlad Taltos #10)

Title: Dzur

Author: Steven Brust

Series: Vlad Taltos #10

Vlad has gone back to his old territory in Adrilankha. Things aren’t quite how he left them, or how he expected it to go. Cawti’s having trouble keeping the Jhereg out of her area, since she won’t run an organization like Vlad had. And she’s not one to ask for help, even if Vlad would drop everything for her, forgetting the price on his own head, to do it. He’s just going to have to take care of things himself, in his own way, like he always does . . .

Picking up only a few hours after Issola, this wastes no time dumping Vlad right back into trouble. I was amused at the extended metaphor in this book: cooking and murder. A perfect meal, compared and contrasted to those things needed to make a kill. And a several-course meal that sounds amazing, so have at least a snack on hand.

Vlad also has some of the best humor I’ve read so far in this book, and several quotes I like.

“It’s easy to consider everyone a sucker who cares about things you don’t care about. So who does that make the sucker?”

And of course Loish has several great conversations:

“Boss, you know you’re a bully.”
“And worse, you enjoy it.”
“You’ve missed being a bully all these years.”
“I’m proud to know you.”

And several situations I refuse to spoil because they’re just too funny walking in blind. (In particular, a certain character who has been joked about previously has something of a role.)

I liked the Dzur, and the conversation Vlad has with one about heroics. It was amusing to find a people dedicated to the side of good—as long as the right side is heavily outnumbered, or hated by everyone, or otherwise has almost zero chance of winning. In other words, Vlad should probably partner up with one for the future.

All in all this series hasn’t flagged much, and I really like the direction it’s going. I rate this book Highly Recommended.


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