Black Dog Short Stories (Black Dog #1.5)

Title: Black Dog Short Stories

Author: Rachel Neumeier

Series: Black Dog #1.5

Natividad wants to go Christmas shopping, but not with Keziah.

Miguel plots how he can rid Dimilioc of the black dog who thinks humans are mere servants.

Thaddeus and Grayson are on a mission to clean up strays, but Thaddeus hits an unexpected crisis of conscience.

Ezekiel has been the executioner for Thos for years, but what happens when Thos gives an order he doesn’t want to obey?

The first three of these four short stories are a direct followup to the events of Black Dog, where the last one is a prequel. I liked all four of them, although the last is probably my favorite. Since these are short stories, there isn’t a lot I can say without spoiling things. If you like the world of Black Dog, these are well worth a read. If you skip from the first novel to the second without reading this, you’ll miss a bit of what happened in between, but nothing major.

I rate this book Recommended.

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