Time Stoppers (Time Stoppers #1)

Title: Time Stoppers

Author: Carrie Jones

Series: Time Stoppers #1

Annie Nobody is tired of being shuffled from foster home to foster home. She just wants a place where she can belong, a family that won’t throw her out, and possibly a dog. Or a rabbit. Some creature who can understand her the way humans can’t. But when she finally finds a place better than she’d ever dreamed, she has to face the horror that she’s been called upon to stand up and fight to save it . . .

Jamie is terrified of his father and his grandmother. He’s small and weak and shy, nothing at all like them. Even his unexpected rescue from them leaves him in a tenuous place: only those with magic can stay in this magical town, and Jamie has no magic. But he can’t go back. He wouldn’t survive going back, because his grandmother is actually a troll, and she’s hungry for fresh meat . . .

This was an okay story, perhaps aimed at a bit younger of an age range than I generally enjoy. There’s a somewhat heavy-handed sense of message, although it’s mostly the message that bullies are bad and you should stand up to them. I was hoping Jamie would get some kind of power of his own as well, but maybe next book.

I never really liked Eva, the dwarf girl with an extremely loud mouth and brash personality. Her self-aggrandizement just rubbed me the wrong way, especially when she insisted on taking the credit for things other people accomplished. Bloom was right to call her trollish. On the other hand, it was interesting to see Bloom, who may be magic but still struggles with figuring out who he’s supposed to be, as there are no other elves to really show him what that looks like.

All in all this was a decent read, although nothing much stood out to me one way or the other. Older readers may be a bit put off by how exaggerated most things are, but younger ones will probably like it just fine. I rate this book Recommended.


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