Mob Psycho 100 (anime)

Title: Mob Psycho 100

Episodes: 1-12

Mob is a middle-school student with incredible psychic powers, but he doesn’t think much of himself or his abilities. He works part time for an exorcism company, but mostly he wants to fit in with the more ordinary world around him. But between ghosts, evil spirits, and other psychics, he’s not going to have an easy time of it.

This is a show that I watched purely based on recommendations, as so many people rated it their favorite of the season. I had originally avoided it because I hated the art style. Having watched it through, I still hate the art style, but I do appreciate the story. It took a few episodes to get invested, since the beginning is mostly setting up the premise, and then it starts digging into a more overarching story.

Mob is one of my favorite character types: quiet, unassuming, and massively powerful. Reigen, his boss, is an obvious con artist taking advantage of Mob (and his customers) . . . although for a con artist he actually puts a decent amount of work into making sure his customers go away happy. I liked how Reigen developed—the advice he gives Mob may be usually for his own benefit, but he (perhaps unintentionally) set Mob on the right path for how to think about his power. This brings Mob into conflict with his peers on several levels, as he’s not interested in using his power for personal gain and especially doesn’t want to use it to hurt anyone.

I think my favorite part was how the show defied expectations. Mob is asked to join the Telepathy Club (of which he would be the only legitimate member, as nobody else in it has psychic powers), to stop the Body Improvement Club from taking over the room (I won’t spoil how he decides). The Body Improvement Club in general was great. They’re a bunch of huge, muscled guys entirely focused on even more physical fitness—but they’re anti-violence and actually quite nice.

Things that didn’t quite work for me were the art and some of the humor. Thankfully the story doesn’t linger on the jokes, so whenever one didn’t work for me, it wasn’t something I had to watch for long.

Overall I liked this more than I expected, although I don’t think I’ll ever be fond of the character designs. If there is another season, I’d be interested to see where the story goes, although it does end well enough not to feel cut off. I rate this show Recommended.


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