The Taken (Foxcraft #1)

Title: The Taken

Author: Inbali Iserles

Series: Foxcraft #1

Ilsa is a young fox who lives a happy life with her brother, parents, and grandmother. But when a strange sulk of foxes invades her home, she’s separated from her family. Determined to find them again, she sets off to explore every corner of the city if that’s what it takes to find them.

This was pretty good, although the first person point of view grated on me for some reason. Ilsa is clearly young, though she thinks she’s more mature, and she’s not really sure what’s going on in the world where she suddenly has to survive alone.

I liked the vocabulary, and how the world is reframed through a fox’s eyes. I liked the magic, and how the various spells extend a fox’s natural bag of tricks. I was somewhat disappointed that the larger mysteries barely make any progress in this book, which is more the opening of a series than a standalone story. We’re introduced to some key players who basically just get names. For the Mage and Jana, this makes sense. But I wanted more about Karka and her foxes, since they’re the immediate antagonists.

All in all this is not a bad start to a series, but one that feels like it could’ve been stronger with a bit more detail and history on some of the characters. I rate this book Recommended.


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