Spirit Gate (Crossroads #1)

Title: Spirit Gate

Author: Kate Elliot

Series: Crossroads #1

I’m not going to attempt a summary because I couldn’t force myself to finish. Besides, the main reason I quit reading was because 75 pages in, basically nothing had happened yet.

I wanted to like this, and gave it a good shot. But the glacial pacing killed my interest, and I wasn’t overly fond of any of the characters either. Marit has way too much page time for being a minor character (and the way the book starts I had initially assumed she would be the main character). Joss’s main concerns are getting drunk or laid (and how often the story is going there in the first few chapters reminds me of yet another reason I don’t usually care for adult books. Even though it never gets explicit—can’t we have someone with an INTERESTING hobby/obsession for once?). Mai didn’t seem too bad, but Ti, her cousin, is so childish and annoying that was a good enough reason to quit rather than plug away hoping it got better.

The depth of detail is very good, in one sense: it’s easy to get a picture of the world. I like the reeves, and the way their partnership works. The eagles are basically eagles, and the flying contraption pictured on the cover makes a lot more sense than most renditions I’ve seen of flying on a bird. Unfortunately, it’s a world where relatively normal life is happening for an extended period of time. Joss is sent to guard a caravan of merchants—and nothing happens. Dark things happen to the side, or in the background, but Joss is concerned mainly with doing his everyday duties in his everyday manner, and . . . I lost interest. After what he discovered with the Guardians, I had been hoping he’d actually go off and do more about it (I suppose he does, but it’s explained away in about two sentences of backstory).

So this may be a wonderful book for people with more patience, but I prefer more movement in the plot. Not Recommended.


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