Title: Dreamwood

Author: Heather Mackey

Lucy is quite sure her father will forgive her for interpreting his note to mean he wants her to leave the boarding school she loathes and join him in Saarthe. Even if he hasn’t replied to the letter she sent warning him she was coming. But when she reaches the Northwest Territories, she discovers layers of mysteries—and her father’s whereabouts one of them. Still, she’s not about to back down, even if it means entering the most forbidden part of the area to find him . . .

The characters are the strongest part of the book. Lucy and Peter are each quite talented, in their own ways, but they need each other in order to get through the supernatural wilderness where they find themselves. For Lucy, who is used to being independent and always having the answers, working with another person is often hard and confusing. And Peter hardly appreciates her little digs or her air of superiority. They feel very solid, and it’s easy to see both the flaws and strengths in each of them.

I kind of expected the plot to go the way it did. I wish Niwa had more of a role, and that some of the odder things briefly mentioned—like men turning into wolves—got more than a nod. It was clear some forms of magic existed, but also easy to see that power is on the verge of extinction, or at least irrelevance.

So mostly this was more of a character journey than an adventure. Which is fine, as the characters were very well done, but does mean I probably won’t be rereading this. I rate this book Recommended.

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