The Swarm Descends (Ferals #2)

Title: The Swarm Descends

Author: Jacob Grey

Series: Ferals #2

Caw isn’t looking for trouble when the stone finds him. He’s just intending to pay a little visit to the house he grew up in, to search out any memories of his family. But the stone does find him, and this relic of the crows is going to be even more troublesome than the Crow’s Beak sword he carries. Because someone else knows about the stone, too, and wants it badly enough to do anything in her power to get it . . .

Although the plot is somewhat similar to the first book, this is still an excellent adventure. Caw and his crows are a strong team, but he is still young, still relatively powerless, and he’s facing off against someone who doesn’t have to work from the shadows as much as the Spider Man did.

I still love the crows. Since Milky is now gone, a new crow named Shimmer replaced him. Shimmer’s daredevil antics—and Screech’s crush on her—are a lot of fun, and Glum is his usual cheery self. But Caw is struggling with what it is to have human friends, too, whether they’re ferals or not, and what that means, and what responsibilities he has. Since he hasn’t grown up with people, he’s still extremely socially awkward, in addition to lacking basic education.

The end wraps up well, mostly. There’s one big question mark and although I hope it resolves well, I appreciate that it might not. Things are bound to get even more interesting in the days ahead, though. I hope the next book gets here quickly. I rate this book Recommended.

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