The Lost Compass (The Fog Diver #2)

Title: The Lost Compass

Author: Joel Ross

Series: The Fog Diver #2

Safe in Port Oro at least, Chess and his crew start to dream of a new life. But the cogs of Port Oro are looking for the Compass that will lower the Fog, and they want Chess to help them find it. Unfortunately, Lord Kodoc is also looking for the Compass, and he will stop at nothing to find it first . . .

This continues right after The Fog Diver left off, with a short prologue to help orient readers who might not have read (or just forgot) the events of the first book.

The only thing that bothered me was the convenience of both the story of the Compass as well as the stories of tick-tocks. And it wouldn’t have taken a lot to make it more believable: a sentence about finding the Compass information on a scrap of paper scavaged from below, or a tetherkid who had heard the tick-tocks and bailed early. As it is, the characters themselves are confused at why this information is known, but it gets shrugged off.

Otherwise, though, it was a great ride. The interactions between the kids shows how they’re a family as well as a team. Chess is more than just the tetherboy—he’s the storyteller. And I liked how they realize that getting out of the junkyard is about more than just physical location, but modes of thought.

And if you enjoyed the way various common idioms, cultural icons, and everyday life got mangled in the first book, there’s plenty more in this one.

The ending resolves a few things, and leaves an opening for more. This could be the cap to a solid duology, or it could be a connecting point on a longer series. I would be fine with either. I think this is a strong place to tie up, but I would also be curious how the rest of the world has dealt with Fog, and what the repercussions will be given what happened at the end.

I rate this book Recommended.


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