Let the Wind Rise (Sky Fall #3)

Title: Let the Wind Rise

Author: Shannon Messenger

Series: Sky Fall #3

Audra has been captured, and Vane is determined to save her. To ask forgiveness for sending her right into Raiden’s clutches. Even if Vane is physically incapable of violence, he figures there has to be a way for him to kill Raiden. Isn’t there?

Audra is determined to break free—so Vane won’t come after her and Gus. She has Aston’s hints about how he escaped, and the Westerly breeze that won’t abandon her. But while Raiden believes she has something he needs, he has no such restraints around Gus.

And we finally get to see the inside of Raiden’s fortress! And quite a few surprises there. Some interesting insights into Raiden’s character, too, which work well at drawing out more of a mystery around who he is and what he wants. Vane’s commentary brings a lot of laughs to what would otherwise be a very bleak place—him getting a uniform was one of the best spots.

I’m still mad about one particular character, though. This person was one of my favorite characters and . . . Well. Hard to say too much without spoilers.

I did like what happens with the winds, though. Vane is still learning the full extent of what a wind is capable of, and some of the special effects are really neat. And I love what happened to Raiden. The lack of detail provided just means more to imagine. . . Also a hugely ironic way of getting through his super-armor.

I also liked Vane’s resolution to the problem of who ought to be king/queen of the sylphs. It makes so much sense it’s amusing no one thought of it earlier.

If you enjoyed the first two books, then this one brings a strong finish. If you haven’t read them, do: they’re a pretty important foundation for everything happening here.  I rate this book Recommended.

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