The Books of Umber (Audiobooks)

Vacation is usually when I listen to audiobooks, and this time around I had the pleasure of hearing Happenstance Found and its sequel Dragon Games as audiobooks. My thoughts on the story haven’t changed a bit. You can see my reviews for Happenstance Found and Dragon Games for more details there.

I do want to mention that Richard Poe does an amazing job as a narrator. His reading style, pacing, and tone bring the story to life. In the biography it says he’s a professional actor, and it shows. Often I could tell which character was speaking based on the way the words were read—Happenstance’s hesitancy, Umber’s exuberance, Oates’s deep-voiced gruffness. I would highly recommend these audiobooks.

Now if only my library had the third . . . I’ll just have to read my copy in paper since the second book is a rather bad place to stop.

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