Sky Bounce

Title: Sky Bounce

Author: Deanna Miller

Hesper, a winged Alula, is not supposed to know someone like Tristan, the Boytaur. The female Alulas hold themselves strictly separate from the male Mantaurs, but Hesper has made friends with one. When Hesper stumbles across something she shouldn’t have seen, she is sent to the human planes. Tristan vows to follow her, but crossing planes has its own hazards.

I wish I didn’t have to wince writing out that description. Boytaur? Mantaur? Just . . . no. They should’ve had a name like Alula, something that could hint at species without being so clunky. The racial division is also a gender division, and the revelation partway through of how they manage to propagate was also rather strained.

That said, this was otherwise what I had expected: a light fantasy/romance between a winged girl and a centaur, spread out between multiple parallel planes of existence. Traveling between the planes has its cost, and isn’t something done lightly.

The overall dilemma works better between Hesper and Tristan than the threat of things that blend the various planes. The big picture stuff tends to be vague and has a similarly vague conclusion, but the tension between the two of them against the world plays out pretty well.

Overall this is not a bad read, but it’s hard to get past some things like the naming conventions. I rate this book Neutral.


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