Let the Storm Break (Sky Fall #2)

Title: Let the Storm Break

Author: Shannon Messenger

Series: Sky Fall #2

Audra is running. From the Gales she used to work for, from the nebulous threat of Raiden, but mostly from herself. From the reality of her bond with Vane and what it might mean.

Vane is unhappy to lose Audra, but trying to cover for her, to give her a chance to clear her head and come back to him. But this isn’t easy, especially when the Gales are determined to protect him the ways they think best—which includes trying to push his betrothal to Solana. And Raiden isn’t about to give up on gaining control of the last Westerly . . .

This book took a long time to get going for me, as the first half was mostly Audra running away and Vane dealing with Solana (who at least isn’t a bad person, although my utter hatred of love triangles still stands). It’s frustrating because Vane and Audra both could’ve saved themselves a lot of trouble by just telling the truth and dealing with the fallout. On the other hand, once the truth finally outs, we do get a good story with a lot of fighting, some hard decisions, and some interesting twists.

My favorite part of this world remains the winds and their particular magic. I am beginning to suspect now that the winds themselves may be sylphs after they die (which will be interesting to see if that theory holds true in book 3), as the various winds tend to be slightly different even within their own type. And it was really nice to see the peaceful Westerlies get more fleshed out. And that “peaceful” and “doormat” are not the same. It will be a very interesting war if the Westerlies start to participate . . .

Overall this is a good followup to the first book, although still heavier on certain YA tropes which may affect your enjoyment. The end is a cliffhanger, though one with a bit of a pause, and the next book should be out very soon, so at least the end (presumably) is in sight. I rate this book Recommended if you liked the first one.


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