Let the Sky Fall (Sky Fall #1)

Title: Let the Sky Fall

Author: Shannon Messenger

Series: Sky Fall #1

Vane Weston doesn’t remember his original parents, or his old life. When he was seven, a tornado ripped apart his house and killed his parents, leaving him as the only survivor. Even now, adopted into a new family, years away from that event, he has only questions but no answers. Only a dream of a girl.

For Audra, guarding Vane has become her life, ever since that day. She remembers. That day broke and twisted her around her duty, until the only thing she has let to live for is her mission. But the evil forces that once thought Vane dead have realized he’s alive, and now she has no time left. Vane has to come into who and what he really is if he wants any chance to survive. For herself, she’s always been prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice . . .

Although in some ways this plays out much like a typical teen romance, it sidesteps some of the usual problems I have with the genre (no love triangles, hooray!). Vane and Audra are both survivors from the storm that wrecked both of their families. Audra deals with her guilt over her own role in that event, while Vane is a lot more well-adjusted (partially because he doesn’t remember anything).

I did like the lore. Sylphs and winds, the ties to earth and the ties to air, and most interestingly of all, the way being aligned to certain winds brings out certain traits in their people. For example, the west wind is a peaceful wind—and Vane is physically incapable of handling violence (he can’t even play violent video games). To have someone like him engaged in what’s basically a war is an interesting prospect. I also really liked Audra’s sword.

Overall this is a decent read, and I’m curious to see where the story goes. I rate this book Recommended.


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