The Hunting of the Last Dragon

Title: The Hunting of the Last Dragon

Author: Sherryl Jordan

Jude was the son of a swine herder, whose ambitions extended only as far as buying a new bow and perhaps finding a bit of excitement in his life. Then the dragon came and burned his village to ash. Sunk in grief, he falls in with a traveling group of entertainers, and gradually befriends the Chinese girl they have on exhibit. But destiny will pit him once again against the dragon that destroyed his home.

I made it over halfway before I just got too bored with this. The dragon is a faceless menace who is more known through the scorched villages it leaves in its wake. Jude spends a lot of the book in a funk of grief over losing his family, and even as he starts to get over it he’s still not that interesting of a character. Jing-wei is better, but even then I found her more interesting for the glimpses of what history was like than because I cared about her as a character.

I quit because I realized I was more interested in the mini-story unfolding through Jude’s quips to his scribe than the actual story proper, and even that wasn’t much.

This is set in the Middle Ages, somewhere in Europe. It has a higher level of diction than I expected for its age range, and some nice prose, but in the end I found what I did read generic and predictable and couldn’t motivate myself enough to finish.

I rate this book Neutral.

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