The Wednesdays

Title: The Wednesdays

Author: Julie Bourbeau

Max lives in a small village with one peculiar rule: nobody goes outside on Wednesdays. The villagers have long since figured out Wednesdays are prone to accidents and disasters, and everyone shuts themselves up for that one day a week in the hopes of warding them off. But Max is a curious child, and hates being trapped indoors for an entire day. When he goes exploring outside on a Wednesdays, he soon finds more than he expected . . .

This is actually more a horror story than a fantasy. A supernatural evil with its own peculiar set of rules terrorizes a small town, and an ordinary boy finds himself snared in the middle of it. If he can’t figure out the mystery in time, the supernatural evil will claim him. Sounds like horror to me.

That said, the story has a unique take on such a well-trod path. In this case the evil is Wednesdays. (Ironically, since this happened to be next on my pile, I did read it on a Wednesday, which added to the amusement greatly.) Max is at first convinced it’s all superstition, but he has a surprising amount of trouble when he is outdoors, so he continues to hunt for answers.

Overall this is a quick read that isn’t too scary, and kids are likely to enjoy the variety of crazy accidents Max stumbles into. I rate this book Recommended.


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