Flight of the King (Animas #2)

Title: Flight of the King

Author: C. R. Grey

Series: Animas #2

Bailey is eager to get back to school, where Taleth, the last white tiger, awaits him. But Viviana is looking into the students now for the death of Joan Sucrette, and if anyone discovered Bailey’s Animas was tiger, Viviana would kill him. Even without that, Viviana has her own plans for the country. Bailey is determined to stop them, but he’ll need all the help he can get.

I adored the first book, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit let down by this one. The worldbuilding doesn’t expand much on what was presented in the first book, nor do the characters feel like they’ve really grown. Bailey does have some good moments, though, where he realizes his impulsiveness isn’t always the most helpful response. Gwen tries to have an important role but comes off feeling as though she’s just there (however, with some revelations that could make the next book very interesting).

I suppose it’s also a question of stakes. I clearly see what the stakes were in the first book, and how that directly impacted Bailey and his friends. I’m not really sure what was accomplished in this one. The aftermath of the Progress Fair will of course be ongoing, but immediately, the implications are fuzzy. Did Bailey really win anything? Or just escape with his life?

Either way, I’ll be hunting down the third book when it comes out, and hoping it wraps more up. This book doesn’t stand alone as everything assumes you’ve read the first one, so read them in order. I rate this book Recommended.


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