The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle (The League of Princes #2)

Title: The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle

Author: Christopher Healy

Series: The League of Princes #2

I tried, but ended up quitting this one halfway. Briar Rose just got way too frustrating. Her sociopathic nature is given full reign and although I would hope the ending includes a suitably embarrassing comeuppance, I couldn’t stomach getting there. Liam (my favorite character from the previous book) not only lost the will to stand up to her, he ends up MARRIED to her and doing her bidding . . . I also disliked that characters said flat-out that marriage was something that could be “worked around.” Especially considering that the most honor-bound character of the lot would then have to renege on his vows, even if they were made to an absolute harpy while under duress. What, then, does your promise MEAN?

It’s also a bit frustrating that there are several strong and capable women (Lila, Rapunzel, Elle) but the only man who could remotely make that claim (Liam) has had that taken away from him. I’m all for strong female characters but when it reads like all the men are incompetent or evil and the women are the ones who have to get things done then it’s just silly.

So, not finishing. And Not Recommended.

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