The Grimjinx Rebellion (The Vengekeep Prophecies #3)

Title: The Grimjinx Rebellion

Author: Brian Farrey

Series: The Vengekeep Prophecies #3

Jaxter Grimjinx and his family can see, as few others, the Palatinate Mages’ schemes to wrest power from the High Laird. Unfortunately, even with the Dowager on their side, there isn’t much a family of thieves can do against the plots of nobility and mages. But when Aubrin, Jaxter’s little sister, turns out to be a seer and is taken by the Palatinate Mages, the whole family is determined to get her back. Whatever it takes.

This is, like both the previous books, fast-paced, funny, and an amazing ride. I appreciate the little note Jaxter starts out with, explaining that things are generally much more obvious in hindsight, when you aren’t running for your life—it’s not only true, but helps set up some of the things he takes a while to notice. As fun as it is to see him reason his way through things, he’s got too much emotion mixing him up for a lot of this. Fear for his sister, anger at the mages, and a gnawing worry for his own life, which she’s prophesied will soon end.

This being only a trilogy, when things go downhill they go down fast. Jaxter doesn’t have much of a view into the palace, so most of what happens there is secondhand. Same with the towns. That does leave things feeling a bit disjointed, as the story rockets through some pretty intense periods with a few sentences, before settling in the more day-to-day Jaxter experiences.

I don’t want to spoil too much. Read the first two books (won’t take long, and they’re lots of fun too!) and then this one for the best experience. I rate this book Recommended.


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