When the Gods are Silent

Title: When the Gods are Silent

Author: Jane Lindskold

Rabble is a warrior who performs for the Travelling Spectacular (and doubles as a guard). A request from a farmer, Hulhc, leads to a journey north. Some time ago, magic simply stopped working. Hulhc’s own father was a wizard, but Hulhc is little better than a farmer working the land his father left him. Hulhc is convinced magic may still be around, or he might find some clues about it, in the mountains up north. But no one expects what they might discover . . .

Rabble is the star of this intriguing story, though most of the characters get a good amount of space. Although the end wraps up a little fast, the journey goes well. Hulhc’s journey-quest has to work with a traveling circus, which means, among other things, caring for dancing bears—and fending off Rabble’s tendencies to insult people she dislikes, which leads to duals, which leads to trouble . . .

This isn’t too complex, and it’s an enjoyable read. I rate this book Recommended.

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