Arthur and the Minimoys

Title: Arthur and the Minimoys

Author: Luc Besson

Arthur’s grandfather has gone missing four years ago. Arthur lives with his grandmother, mostly happy, except for wishing his parents would stop their job-hunting to come live with him again. As an evil plot emerges to take away his grandmother’s land, he turns to the Minimoys, a tiny people inches tall, to warn them of the impending disaster and seek the rubies he suspects must be hidden with them.

This was a disorienting read. Arthur is supposed to be ten, but he often feels younger than that as he’s careening around playing with his toys. That wouldn’t be a problem, though. The bigger problem is that the plot seems determined to give a ten-year-old boy a plot better suited to a young adult novel.

He falls in love with a girl based on looking at her picture. This attitude doesn’t change despite the fact that she’s an enormous jerk to him the ONE DAY they are together—he’s head over heels for her. Then he ends up in a bar getting drunk, depressed because she went and danced with someone else. But when she’s threatened, his heroism rises up and he battles hordes of henchmen . . .

. . . Yeah.

The crazy pocketknife Betameche has is about the only saving grace. Some of the madcap actually works, especially when he’s involved. But the plot’s very jerky even when it isn’t swinging into way-too-old territory (and did I mention there’s a scene with Arthur’s grandmother flirting with a police officer? Not what you’d exactly expect out of Grandma, honestly).

In short, this is a waste of time. For a good action novel featuring very tiny people, try something like Puddlejumpers by Mark Jean. I rate this book Not Recommended.


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