Sword-Dancer (Tiger and Del #1)

Title: Sword-Dancer

Author: Jennifer Roberson

Series: Tiger and Del #1

Sandtiger (Tiger) has been a sword-dancer for more years than he cares to remember. A sword for hire, he roams the South taking on what jobs he can find in order to make a living. Then she walks into his life: Del, the Nothern woman who claims to be a sword-dancer as well (which Tiger doubts, because, well, she’s a woman). Intrigued, Tiger convinces her to hire him to get her across the desert, where she’s hoping to find the trail of a brother she lost years ago to slavers. But things never go as planned . . .

I suppose the story wasn’t too bad, but it just had way too much sex in it (not detailed, thankfully, but still). Tiger shows admirable restraint with Del, but he’s not above bedding anything else that looks good enough. Del’s story boils down to rape and revenge, and one of Tiger’s worst moments in the book is when he believes he’s going to be castrated.

So if you like action stories very liberally doused in that kind of thing, be my guest. For me, this is one reason I prefer kids books—it just gets really old to read about someone perpetually lustful who has no qualms about satisfying it wherever he can.

Overall, I rate this story Neutral.


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