Star Lord

Title: Star Lord

Author: Louise Lawrence

Rhys lives with his mother, sister, and grandfather in their grandfather’s tiny house in the countryside of Wales. In the shadow of the mountains, Rhys has discovered a new sort of life from the one his mother tried to make in the city. But things change when something crashes into the side of the mountain. And now Rhys is faced with something unbelievable, something the government wants very badly . . .

This was fairly well written, but I don’t really like relentlessly depressing stories. Rhys’s family is poor, and nobody seems to get along except for Rhys and his grandfather. And then when the alien boy does show up, the mood sours further because people have different ideas what to do about him.

In terms of actual plot, most of it is people arguing with each other, some of the rest is the family trying to put off the government, and the last bit is stuff that happens on the mountain. The chapters are short and terse. So, a fast read, but not one I enjoyed overmuch.

Overall this wasn’t something I cared for. There’s no real problem with the book; it’s more a matter of taste. I rate this book Neutral.

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