Krakens and Lies (Menagerie #3)

Title: Krakens and Lies

Author: Tui T. Sutherland and Kari Sutherland

Logan and Zoe have suspected for a while that someone is deliberately trying to bring down the Menagerie. All of the “accidents” feel too orchestrated. But in between juggling the current crises, they don’t have a lot of time for some of the larger mysteries. Like, what happened to Logan’s mother and the Chinese dragon she was escorting? What is going on with Jasmin’s family? Logan and Zoe are determined to get to the truth, but the answers will surprise them . . .

This feels like the capstone of a trilogy, which disappoints me only because I hope to see more books about Logan and Zoe and their crazy Menagerie. I love the chaos that pervades the whole plot—it’s one disaster after the next, huge personalities clashing against each other, and unexpected but amazingly well-fitting surprises.

I liked how Logan works things out with his dad, and how the two of them are finally on the same side. Or Jasmin and Zoe having that talk Zoe’s spent so long avoiding (added bonus points for the backdrop to this conversation being utterly hysterical). And I liked the variety of relationships, from the “she’s just not into you” Marco and Keiko to the budding attraction between Blue and Jasmin.

And, of course, Nira gets a surprise appearance where she proceeds to steal the show with her quips. I adore the griffins. Nira is the best, but her children aren’t far behind. That’s honestly one of the greatest things about these books. Every character tends to be memorable in his or her own way.

The plot does wrap up well, save for one very interesting comment made about Logan that leaves me hoping for a future book to delve into it. Overall, though, this is a fun series that reminds me of Diana Wynne Jones. I rate this book Highly Recommended.


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