The Lost Prince (Seaborne #1)

Title: The Lost Prince

Author: Matt Myklusch

Dean Seaborne has spent all his thirteen years with pirates. Under the orders of One-Eyed Jack, he infiltrates ships and then rats them out to pirate crews.

This time promises to be no different. One-Eyed Jack has a pirate who isn’t paying his full dues, so Dean goes in to figure out why (and to make sure he delivers). But things go from bad to worse when Dean ends up on the legendary island of Zenhala, about to pull off the scam of his life. If he can survive long enough to collect his freedom from One-Eyed Jack.

I don’t usually go for pirate stories, but I was curious about this one since I enjoyed Matt Myklusch’s last trilogy so much. This one hits many of the same notes: an endearing main character, wild adventures, and inventive solutions for terrible problems. I also liked Dean’s unfolding realizations not only about the island but himself, culminating in his ultimate speech to One-Eyed Jack.

Dean’s situation on the island is compounded by his allies (if you can call them that). One rogue who would happily stab him in the back, one probably-trustworthy except for the fact he hates Dean. And, of course, Waverly—the first girl Dean’s ever really had a chance to see up close, and fated to be his wife (as long as he’s really the lost prince). Dean finds himself warming to the idea quickly, but she has other plans.

All in all this was a good read. I liked the kiteboards best; this is a very visual novel with some great action scenes. I rate this book Recommended.


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