The Legends Begin (Darkmouth #1)

Title: The Legends Begin

Author: Shane Hegarty

Finn’s family has always hunted the Legends that break through into this world. Minotaurs, manticores, gryphons and more have all fallen in battle against his ancestors. Especially his dad. Finn’s dad is driven, and he wants his son to be just as good as he is. Only Finn isn’t. He’s almost capable, which isn’t good enough. But if Finn doesn’t get three successful Hunts in before his thirteenth birthday, he’ll be the first failed Legend Hunter in his family.

This would probably resonate more with younger readers because the plot is pretty obvious for most of the way through, which means it’s more about how much you enjoy the journey than any particular surprises about where it’s going. That was my main issue, honestly. Emmie’s hidden motivations might as well be stated up front, although the addition of a second traitor was a nice touch.

It’s got a good setup for future novels. Finn isn’t sure if he can tolerate being a Legend Hunter, even if he could magically become good at it. The twist at the very end indicates the series as a whole might get a lot more interesting. I don’t really have much to say other than I was underwhelmed, having expected more from the various reviews I’d read.

Overall if you’re looking for a light read with some humor and a lot of people-eating monsters, this isn’t too bad. I rate this book Neutral.


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