The Gate of Gods (The Fall of Ile-Rien #3)

Title: The Gate of Gods

Author: Martha Wells

Tremaine has already done far more for the Ile-Rien war effort than she ever expected: discovering other worlds and finding the Gardier who are bombing Ile-Rien are world-hoppers, hunting down the Gardier where she finds them, and even marrying Ilias to secure an alliance between Ile-Rien and the native Syprians, whose world the Gardier are using as a staging ground for their attacks. But when talk turns to freeing the locked-down city of Lodun, she’s at a loss. This is more a job for the sorcerers. But nothing goes as planned, and soon Tremaine and her friends are caught once again in the machinations of enemies on every side.

This is a bit of a hard book to summarize, since much of the plot is focused on character, and on unraveling the way the world-gates work so the Rien can (eventually) free Lodun. Actually Lodun is just a set of bookends on most of the plot, as it’s mentioned early on and then by time it comes up again I’d quite forgotten that was the reason all of this started.

Like the rest of the series, this is well-written, although for some reason the plot just never grabbed me as much as other books I’ve read by Wells. Tremaine remains an interesting character: ruthless with her enemies and herself, but falling in love with the man she married. The subtle character details are excellent. And I still really enjoy Giliead and Ilias’s brotherly relationship. The cultural distinctions between the Rien, the Syprians, and the Aelin are shown instead of told.

Overall this was a good cap on the series. The mysteries resolve in a somewhat surprising fashion, a few villains like Ixion get long-awaited comeuppance, and there aren’t any loose ends. If you’ve read the previous two books, I’d recommend this one, but I certainly wouldn’t start here if you haven’t, as much of the conflict and drama grows organically out of everything that happened in the first two books.


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